Salvation Is In Soil - Florence Reed live at TEDxDirigo!

Salvation Is In Soil - Florence Reed live at TEDxDirigo!

Climate change got you down? We understand. Why not lift yourself up with this brand new TEDx talk from our Founder and Director of Strategic Growth, Florence Reed? In this video, Florence Reed explains how the solution to climate change is right under our feet.

Why We Can Hardly Wait for Climate Ride!

Why We Can Hardly Wait for Climate Ride!

Have you heard all our carrying on about the upcoming Climate Ride from Bar Harbor to Boston lately? (No? Not even here? Or here? Or here?) Maybe you’re even a generous contributor to Elliott’s ride? (Thank you!) Maybe you’re a proud supporter of a local business sponsor? (Thank you, thank you!)

Or maybe you’re still trying to figure out what the heck Climate Ride is, why we’re so excited, and what it has to do with saving forests and ending poverty in Central America?

That’s fair, too. Just let us explain.

Support Sustainable Harvest International on any Climate Ride Event!

You’re invited to join us on any one of the Climate Rides or Climate Hikes! Sustainable Harvest International is now a beneficiary and you can join one of these incredible bicycle rides or hikes to explore beautiful landscapes and have the time of your life, while supporting our work.

Were You At The Asticou?

A lovely time was had by all at our recent dinner event at the Asticou!

The harbor glistened in the distance, trees stood tall around us, and the sun set gracefully as friends of Sustainable Harvest International—both old and new—gathered on the Asticou’s historic patio. It was an honor to have 12 of our board members present for the occasion—traveling from as far as Berea, Kentucky and as close as Mount Desert, Maine.

Steve Richards, Chair of our Board of Directors, welcomed guests and announced the recent recognition of our Executive Director, Renée Johnson, as an emerging leader, from InsideNGO. Congratulations, Renée!